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Precision Metal Processing Technology with Advanced Equipment and Skilled Craftsmanship

At San-ei Co., Ltd., we provide highly advanced products with reliable production, utilizing our expertise in stainless steel and metal component manufacturing. We stay ahead of the rapidly changing society and diverse high-security technologies, fueling our passion for further development towards the creation of the new century.

Key Equipment

Machining Centers: 33 units

Features of Machining Centers
By attaching cutting tools to the spindle, various shapes can be created by rotating the spindle. When equipped with 5 axes, 3D machining is also possible.
Mitsui Seiki 5-axis VERTEX55X2 Φ400 Mitsui Seiki 1 unit
Kitamura 5-axis Mytrunnion-4G Φ400 Kitamura 1 unit
Okuma Horizontal MB-4000H Okuma 6 units
Kitamura Horizontal HX400G Kitamura 2 units
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Horizontal DCH-50 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 1 unit
Brother Compound M140X1(BT30) Brother 3 units
Kitamura MYCENTER 3050G Kitamura 1 unit
Okuma Millac468V(BT50) with NC controlled rotary table Okuma 1 unit
Okuma Millac561V(BT50) with rotary table Okuma 1 unit
Okuma MB46VAE(BT40) with rotary table Okuma 2 units
Okuma MB46VAE Okuma 1 unit
Okuma MX45VBE(BT50) with rotary table Okuma 1 unit
Okuma Millac415V(BT40) Okuma 4 units
Okuma Millac761V(BT50) Okuma 1 unit
Okuma MX45(BT50) 2 pallets Okuma 1 unit
OKK MCV-410(BT50) OKK 2 units
Mori Seiki MV-40B(BT40) Mori Seiki 1 unit
Fanuc Drill Mate(BT30) Fanuc 1 unit
Kitamura Mycenter0(BT30) Kitamura 1 unit
Mazak VQC-15 Mazak 1 unit

NC Lathes: 47 units

Features of NC Lathes
By attaching cutting tools to the tool post and rotating the spindle, various shapes can be created. However, the clamping of the product to the spindle limits the shape to round profiles.
Takamatsu GSL-10 Takamatsu 17 units
Takamatsu GSL-15PLUS Takamatsu 2 units
Takamatsu X-100 Takamatsu 3 units
Takamatsu X-100(with loader) Takamatsu 3 units
Takamatsu X-100(with bar feeder) Takamatsu 1 unit
Takamatsu X-10 Takamatsu 3 units
Okuma HJ-28 Okuma 4 units
Okuma HL15 Okuma 2 units
Okuma LCS15 Okuma 3 units
Okuma LB15T Okuma 2 units
Okuma LB-15ⅡM (with M attachment) Okuma 1 unit
Okuma LB3000 Φ300 Okuma 2 units
Okuma LB9 Okuma 1 unit
Okuma LR15 Okuma 1 unit
Mazak QT-10U Mazak 1 unit
Okuma LB-250T Okuma 1 unit

Other Equipment

Features of Other Equipment
Wire EDM: This processing method cuts materials by discharging heat from a wire. It enables precise work and can process any hard material as long as it is conductive.

Other Equipment

Sodick Wire EDM Machine AP450LH Sodick 1 unit
Kanto Jig Mill KT-15 Kanto 1 unit
Amada Surface Grinding Machine SG-45F Amada 1 unit
Suzuki Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Suzuki 3 units
Amada Automatic Cutting Machine Amada 2 units
Nicotec Cutting Machine Nicotec 5 units
OKK Polishing Machine OKK 1 unit
Honda Electronics Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine WA-1200-28T Honda Electronics 1 unit
Aswan Large Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine MUC-38 Aswan 1 unit
Aswan Large Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine LSC-38 Aswan 1 unit
Suzuki Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine SUC900A Suzuki 1 unit

Main Measuring Instruments

Carl Zeiss CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine CONTURA RDS7/10/6 Carl Zeiss 1 unit
Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine Mitutoyo 2 units
Mitutoyo Form Measuring Machine Mitutoyo 1 unit
Mitutoyo Surftest Mitutoyo 4 units
Keyence Image Inspection Measuring Machine Keyence 1 unit
Mitutoyo-Nikon Measurement Microscope Mitutoyo-Nikon 2 units
Nikon Optical Microscope Nikon 19 units

Recruitment Information

We are seeking individuals to join us in delivering our products from Yamagata to Japan and around the world. Our products contribute to the development of machines that are used in our daily lives and will shape the future. Would you like to join us in inheriting Japan's proud technology and creating a better future together?

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